EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Dak Prescott wore a grin and some swagger, grasped an individual pizza box, and hauled his wheel-away bag to the transport that would take the Dallas Cowboys to the air terminal.

There was one error, notwithstanding, one imperfection, that he carried along, as well.

On the absolute first play from scrimmage Monday night, Prescott handled the snap and faked a handoff. New York Giants wellbeing Antoine Bethea pretended as though he was going to shoot through an open hole in the Dallas hostile line. Be that as it may, Bethea halted.

It was past the point of no return for Prescott, who had terminated a pass left, proposed for collector Michael Gallup. Bethea culled it out of the air. The Giants would get the show on the road at the Dallas 8-yard line only 11 seconds into the game.

“I seen him, I just thought he was going to keep coming down,” Prescott told USA TODAY Sports. “I should’ve handed the ball off to this (expletive) guy.”

Prescott tilted his head back, motioning toward running back Ezekiel Elliott, who trailed two paces behind.

The Dallas safeguard held and the Giants needed to make due with a field objective. Inevitably, the Cowboys settled, as well. They proceeded to win, 37-18, after they scored 34 points in the last 30:52 of the game. Be that as it may, that turnover was meaningful of a bigger issue confronting the group.

Awfully frequently, they have discovered moderate beginnings. This denoted the fifth time in eight games wherein they have confronted a shortfall anytime in the subsequent quarter. Against the Giants, who tumbled to 2-7, the early opening was surmountable. Be that as it may, as the Cowboys (5-3) dispatch their push to the postseason, and as their calendar fixes with harder adversaries, they probably won’t be as lucky.

“You saw the game,” Prescott continued. “Those guys weren’t beating us. It was us getting in our own damn way. When we’re rolling and doing what we do, there isn’t a team in the (expletive) league that can stop us. We just need to do what we did in the Eagles game, when we dominated from the opening snap because we didn’t commit no stupid turnovers or make any mistakes. We just took care of our own business and pounded them.”

The Cowboys submitted 10 punishments for 104 yards. They changed over only four of 11 (36.36%) third-down endeavors. They scored touchdowns on only one of three outings inside the red zone.

Their initial four belongings were the capture attempt, a field objective, a missed field objective and a lost bungle.

However, they additionally outgained New York by an edge of 429-271. They sacked Giants new kid on the block passer Daniel Jones multiple times. What’s more, they scored on five of their last seven drives.

“I don’t recommend it,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told USA TODAY Sports. “But if you want a test of what your team is, see them not play well, make some mistakes, and if they can come from behind from that, that’ll tell you whether you’re a good or a bad team. I believe that.”

Jones is correct. There is a sure proportion of flexibility that can characterize a group when it demonstrates a capacity to fight against eminent loss to win games where they trailed. What’s more, Dallas has a lot of stars to bring the group through their initial discomforts.

Prescott finished 22 of 35 goes for 257 yards and three scores, beside the interference. He stretched out plays when he expected to, similar to when — despite the Giants pass surge late in the subsequent quarter — he flushed right and signaled for tight end Blake Jarwin to cut upfield. Prescott ended up discovering them for a 42-yard catch-and-run touchdown.

Elliott ran the ball multiple times for 139 yards with a consistent blast of lump surges. His longest endeavor, regardless of the gainful night, was just 19 yards. He flashed tolerance and sat tight for their hostile line to drill openings.

Recipient Amari Cooper got four of seven focuses for 80 yards and a score – a 45-yard get that went ahead a third and-12 in the final quarter and fixed the game.

“We’ve got to get that cleaned up, absolutely,” tight end Jason Witten said. “It’s hard to win in this league, the margin is tight. And when you put yourself behind like that, it’s not as easy to overcome it. In a lot of ways, it shows the ability to handle adversity and regroup, but at the same time, we don’t have to start like that. I thought that was the best thing we did two weeks ago against the Eagles, but we still got to get that cleaned up. A lot of good things, but yeah, you’re right, we can’t do that as we move forward.”

The Cowboys presently enter a stretch where they have the 6-3 Minnesota Vikings one week from now, however then leave on a two-game excursion against the Detroit Lions (3-4-1) and the New England Patriots (8-1). Dallas, which holds a half-game lead on the Philadelphia Eagles for the lead position in the NFC East, at that point has the 6-2 Buffalo Bills in Week 13.

It’s a stretch that could characterize the season.

“Some of those mistakes are ugly, yeah,” Prescott said. “But I will say this: these are things we can fix. We know how to play clean ball.”

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